Shorrock Developments Ltd

51 Preston, New Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Believed to be the first company in the UK selling airband radio’s (I believe the individual was called Stan Shorrock)

Shorrock Mk. V Receiver – Cost £36 (This would be the equivalent of £700 in 2018!)

This radio is a Decca TP85 modified to receive the Aircraft Band, with a plastic label stuck over the original dial. The Decca cost £24.

One advert says a single VHF band version was available for £28

Shorrock VHF Receiver

Shorrock Clubman – Single VHF aircraft band

The Shorrock VHF Receiver was based on a Perdio PR100


Shorrock MK 6

I’m told a MK 6 exists but I’ve been unable to find any information


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