VHF Supplies

VHF Supplies

VHF Supplies originally started with 3 partners sharing the business based in a house opposite London Airport (now Heathrow) with their living room downstairs being the shop. One of the partners used to fine tune / re-tune FM radios to receive the VHF air band and they used to print the frequency scale and stick it on the tuner. This is where it all started because they sold hundreds to aircraft spotters and then they commissioned their own radios from Hong Kong. They also did drawings on A3 sheets of aircraft types with different airlines that would visit Heathrow. When business became too big for the house they moved to a small corner shop on Noble Corner in Hounslow West and eventually into the large Showroom on the corner.

Later on Brian Tomkins one of the original partners bought out his two partners.


72 Sycamore Road, Amersham, Bucks

Earliest record I can find of VHF Supplies selling airband radios is November 1966

244 Bath Road, Harlington, Middlesex

They moved to London airport in the summer of 1967

1 Noble Corner, Great West Road, Hounslow, Middlesex (Moved Autumn 1970)


Flight 2-136

This Flight 2-136 was only available from VHF Supplies. Other stores sold a Flight 2 model. Interesting that it states ‘The Pilot’ on the front panel. Looks similar to Air Buddy radios.

Flight 3

Not necessarily unique to VHF Supplies was a Flight 3, although the rear panel says Pilot III VHF/FM/AM Japan 716


Flight 3-136

This Flight 3-136 was only available from VHF Supplies. Interesting that it states ‘The Pilot III’ on the front panel. Looks similar to Air Buddy radios.


Flight 4


Flight 244



Airband 747



Airband 1049

Based on a Waltham TK 1848L





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