Eddystone 770U

**I have decided to sell my Eddystone 770U MKII – Please message me if you are interested**

I own a MKII and thanks to information from www.vintage-radio.net I have more details on my radio


R/81/STR/43 – Refurbished/1981/Stratton/Ser No 43

Stratton was the name of the company behind the Eddystone brand

5820-99-92-3773 Receiver Radio QS (2)

5820-99-92-3773 refers to the military version of the Mk II receiver

Receiver Radio QS (2) means the receiver was supplied to the Royal Navy as part of Outfit QS. The suffix (2) indicates a variant of the basic Outfit QS fitted with a crystal calibrator


Serial NO. STR 43

Year YC РY=1967 C=March  (Using the Eddystone military date code system)


Does anyone know where serial STR 43 was used in the Royal Navy? 


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